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Silje Karlengen

Season WC-Total Continental Races Average Wins Podiums Top 10 Top 30
2010/2011 72(10 pts) - -- --

* World Cup for women first introduced in 2011/2012 season. Before that the Continental Cup was considered the "unofficial" World Cup.

Year Hills

2011/12 2010/11 2009/10

Date What Host Pos # What Points Length 1 Length 2
2012-03-09 Midtstubakken471HS10650.869.0-
2012-02-18COC Liberec3314HS10028.054.0-
2011-12-10COC Notodden442HS9864.569.5-
2011-12-09COC Notodden4632HS9857.567.0-
2011-12-03 Lillehammer453HS10083.071.5-
2011-09-11COC Trondheim413HS10552.064.5-
2011-09-10COC Trondheim417HS10515.559.5-
Date What Host Pos # What Points Length 1 Length 2
2011-01-23COC Ljubno264HS95109.057.561.0
2011-01-22COC Ljubno266HS95104.555.062.5
2010-12-18COC Notodden456HS9840.059.0-
2010-12-17COC Notodden435HS9856.066.5-
2010-09-19COC Midtstubakken444HS10612.255.0-
2010-09-18COC Midtstubakken441HS10649.568.5-
2010-09-12COC Lillehammer377HS10031.553.5-
2010-09-11COC Lillehammer401HS10045.560.0-
Date What Host Pos # What Points Length 1 Length 2
2009-12-19COC Notodden465HS9847.063.0-
2009-12-18COC Notodden458HS9835.056.5-
2009-08-22COC Lillehammer343HS10014.548.0-
2009-08-21COC Lillehammer357HS10019.049.0-


Name Silje Karlengen
Nation Norway
Born24 y (26.Jun 1994)
Results2010 - 2012
MaratonNo.149 - pts
Total meters in WC140.5 m