Fantasy Game

Standings Leagues Athletes Info & Rules

Basic rules

- Deadline to join from the start: Friday Nov 27th
- Pick 15 athletes for within the budget of 1.000
- Budget not spent are lost, you can not save unspent budget points
- Athletes scores points at the Worlds Cups.
- Also the Olympic tournament and the World Championship gives points (twice the value from a World Cup event)
- Biathlon-athletes uses the FIS-ranking for points
- 3 times during the season you make up to 6 changes

Your team

Choose your team of 15 athletes combined from all sports, within your budget of 1.000. For your team to be confirmed for the competition; you have to fill up ALL 15 spots.

Points and standings

Manager teams will collect ALL World Cup points the athletes chosen gathers while they are in your team. Championships, World Championship this season, are set to the double value of one single World Cup race.

Private leagues

Players will be able to form their own private leagues - to compete amongst friends alongside with fighting for their place in the overall standings.

Changes during season

There will be three windows during the season where you can make up to 6 changes to you team
1 Dec 28th
2 Feb 5th
3 Feb 25th

Changes in team value during the season
- Athletes will go up and down in value during the season. These changes will effect the game, since athletes you brought in earlier in the season might have a higher/lower value when it's time for your team-changes.

- We might alter the dates a bit based on what happens with Covid-19 and cancellations.

Athlete value

The value is calculated based on the following:

1 Every athlete gets a set hidden value behind the value see as you play. This value is based on the World Cup and Championship points collected over the last three seasons.
- World Cup 2019/20 counts 0.55 (55%)
- World Cup 2018/19 counts 0.30 (30%)
- World Cup 2017/18 counts 0.15 (15%)
- Championships set to double one single World Cup race. Meaning a Gold medal are worth 100 FIS-points x 2 = 200 pts. Points calculated by the same formula for the last three seasons as the World Cup points.

2 This value are in the next round used to calculate values from 150 for the most expensive (Bolshunov, BÝ, Johaug), and down to athletes set at value 30.

3 Values will be based on the last 36 months. This will mean that when we hit January 1st 2020 the last 12 months will be calculated at 0.55, the year before at 0.30, and then 0.15. All values will then be automatically tweaked to reflect race performances.

FIS scale

No.1 = 100 pts
No.2 = 80 pts
No.3 = 60 pts
No.4 = 50 pts
No.5 = 45 pts
No.6 = 40 pts
No.7 = 36 pts
No.8 = 32 pts
No.9 = 29 pts
No.10 = 26 pts
No.11 = 24 pts
No.12 = 22 pts
No.13 = 20 pts
No.14 = 18 pts
No.15 = 16 pts
No.16 = 15 pts ..... No.30 = 1 pts.