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Tomas [Second Coming] Thursday 24.Oct 16:38, 2019
12th Winter Fantasy Overall
Thanks for everyone taking the time to post comments here. Also big thanks to everyone posting feedbacks through private channels regarding this game, regarding the way for it to move forward. We have a several things to start working on to improve it further.

boutbat [GSC Maccaroni] Wednesday 23.Oct 15:24, 2019
I think the game is really great, the transfers thing is smart.
Vuelta overlapping Aug/Sept is indeed a problem

The main improvement I see is to have a clear view of how many points will give each race. Same ranked races (2 1.HC for instance) can give very different points for a same rider ranking.

Also transfers dates and months official dates should be easier to find, on our team's page for instance.

Koronin [Koronin] Wednesday 23.Oct 01:02, 2019
I think the Vuelta overlapping Aug/Sept needs some working.

I also totally forgot about the Sept/Oct changing out riders thing.

IKE [The Instigator] Tuesday 22.Oct 16:50, 2019
other thing is i could not find it in the rules since i wasn't going to win the game i just did not bother asking it on the forum but it should have been made clear in the rules
i also dont know if i would have transferd roglic in after august would i have gotten the GC points for the vuelta?

IKE [The Instigator] Tuesday 22.Oct 16:47, 2019
yeah but isn't it possible that when you take a cyclist and he starts in the vuelta in august you get all the points he scores in that race even if you sell him end of the month to me that looks logic other games work that way to

Tomas [Second Coming] Tuesday 22.Oct 14:21, 2019
12th Winter Fantasy Overall
The August/September dates needs to be re-worked for 2020. It wasn't an optimal solution for this year, but it was the best to be made with having the trades/changes going every month around the 1st.

IKE [The Instigator] Tuesday 22.Oct 13:21, 2019
i stopped after i turned out that the vuelta riders i took in august did not score any points after i transferd them
if thats the rule OK thats the rule but i did not expect it and don't like that rule

DL Jacobsen [Mill City Rollers] Monday 7.Oct 21:24, 2019
Overall, I liked it - probably because I'm near the top of the standings :) It helped me look ahead and figure out who was going to be racing where during the next month. The rider values and number of transfers per month seem reasonable.

One suggestion: it would be helpful to post the monthly deadline for making changes on the Change Riders page. I made my changes before midnight CEST on the last day of the month, but wasn't sure if the deadline was really the start of the first race of the next month, or...?

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Monday 7.Oct 13:40, 2019
Need some time to evaluate on my end, but one thing which should be implemented are forum post to remind of upcoming deadlines. Managed to miss out on October-changes, a nudge wouldíve meant I didnít.

Tomas [Second Coming] Monday 7.Oct 11:49, 2019
12th Winter Fantasy Overall
With the season coming to an end, it's time to evaluate the season one of this game, before we start re-building it till the 2020 season.

Among the planned changes for next season we are mobile adapting the game, making it overall better with upgrades to team pages, fantasy pages on rider pages and generally more stats. Also, we might go UCI points compared to FC points..

Thoughts on overall impression, value system, number of riders, number of trade/changes, etc ?

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