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Tomas [Second Coming] Sunday 24.Mar 19:47, 2019
12th Winter Fantasy Overall
Gongratz to Erythropoietin with the overall victory! Myself I dropped from 5th to 6th with 1 points diff there in the end.

I absolutely LOVE this game!

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Sunday 24.Mar 17:05, 2019
Hahaha ... Doll's skiing is like a octopus falling down a tree :D

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Sunday 24.Mar 14:59, 2019
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
The cool kids cheering for Russia and Sweden each day this season

Tomas [Second Coming] Sunday 24.Mar 14:56, 2019
12th Winter Fantasy Overall
Whats the point in watching 3 stages if they arent even competing? Another brilliant day for women Cross-Country. Next season I'm cheering for Sweden.

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Sunday 24.Mar 14:49, 2019
1st Winter Fantasy Overall
I dedicate this victory to Therese Johaug and Esten O. Sæther

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Monday 18.Mar 09:35, 2019
Yeah ... but podium seems set though ... Jinx.inc is too far behind, and not good enough team either ... but it was fun for a while... I admit some hopes during periode 3 ... 
But periode 2 was way too weak for my part ... i suffer from that now actually ...

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Monday 18.Mar 00:23, 2019
1st Winter Fantasy Overall
tight in the fantasy game too. remaining:

biathlon: 3 events
cross country: 3 stages + GC
ski jumping men: 2 events
ski jumping women: 2 events

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Sunday 17.Mar 19:58, 2019
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
Hopefully going to be fight until last lap on the mass start like last year with Mäkäräinen vs Kuzmina. The course in Quebec suits Klæbo too well and with Bolshunov not that good in sprints he should win although I hope I am wrong.

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Sunday 17.Mar 19:46, 2019
Pretty interesting final weekend for women's Biathlon ... not to mention mens cross country ... 

Vittozzi 852 
Wierer 852 
Røisland 753 .... a little too far behind maybe ... but still in it 

Klæbo 1393 
Bolshunov 1379 .... 

Not all set in the women's department either 

Østberg 1424 
Nepryaeva 1327

Tomas [Second Coming] Friday 8.Mar 17:33, 2019
12th Winter Fantasy Overall
I had 1-2-3 and 4 on todays Biathlon - gonna be one hell of a Pursuit later in the championship :D

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Friday 8.Mar 14:59, 2019
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
Shiffrin out and Fourcade in is the big gamble here, would also like to have Althaus on the team, but only 6 trades somebody had stated in the rules :)

Tomas [Second Coming] Friday 8.Mar 14:55, 2019
12th Winter Fantasy Overall
Forgot to trade off Riiber...

Other than that; glad that only one team above me managed to select Martææ Fourcade. I'm up to 8 biathlon athlete's in total. Let the climbing begin :)

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Wednesday 6.Mar 21:44, 2019
Vetle sjåstad Christiansen gets to finish off the mixed relay for norway tomorrow ... quit surprising, but a pleasant and understandable one :))
He is undoubtebly a potential finisher for the Norwegian team in the future ...

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Monday 4.Mar 20:01, 2019
Yeah... maybe he said medals ... but he ment gold ... I can't imagine he is satisfied with 3 bronze :D

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Monday 4.Mar 19:49, 2019
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
Wasn't 3 medals he said? Nonetheless I like his ambitions to take 7 medals, should not be possible really, but Dahlmeier managed 5 gold and 1 silver in Hochfilzen so..

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Monday 4.Mar 19:40, 2019
Johaug's absolute counterpart must be Johannes Thingnes Bø ... while Johaug had 1 medal as her big goal in the championship, Johannes sais 3 gold as minimum, and hopely alot more :D

Tomas [Second Coming] Sunday 3.Mar 17:00, 2019
12th Winter Fantasy Overall
New athlete values.

The game opened up for periode 4.

Gonna be a rough on in the top 10 :))

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Sunday 3.Mar 15:18, 2019
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
Bolshunov steeping in for Chervotkin and taking his seventh silver in his short career..

Tomas [Second Coming] Sunday 3.Mar 14:30, 2019
12th Winter Fantasy Overall
Wierdest 50 km...

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Sunday 3.Mar 13:52, 2019
So GO Johan Olsson .... eh... I mean Hans Christer Holund :D

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Sunday 3.Mar 13:34, 2019
And Kilde did keep his 40 points ... so this is now the actual scenario ...
In other words ... if 1 and 2 from the 30 km also end up 1 and 2 today ... I lose periode 3 with 1 point

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Sunday 3.Mar 13:09, 2019
Interesting fight for periode 3 win ... I will end up 4698 points ( if Kilde keeps his 6th position in Kvitfjell SG ) .... Bitehagen got Røthe and Bolshunov om his team for the 50 km ... if they end up 1ts and second today, Bitehagen will end up with 4699 points :D ....
I was gonna cheer on Røthe before I notice that just now :D

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Friday 1.Mar 17:41, 2019
Kubacki 27th, Stoch 18th, and Kraft 10th after first run ... 1, 2 and 3 after second run ... amazing :D

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Wednesday 27.Feb 18:18, 2019
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
Larkov - Bessmertnykh - Bolshunov - Ustiugov
Tønseth - Sundby - Røthe - Klæbo

That is my two relay team for Friday, Norway of course favorites, and Russia probably need gap of 10 sec+ before final leg

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Wednesday 27.Feb 18:12, 2019
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
Not happy that I was denied to listen to both Deutschlandlied and the Russian anthem today :)

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Wednesday 27.Feb 18:06, 2019
I hear this rumours that even King Harald is starting to get tired of the Norwegian national anthem in the championships now :D

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Wednesday 27.Feb 13:40, 2019
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
Doping razzia based on Dürr documentary is just ironic when he is hated for some very strange reason.

Tomas [Second Coming] Wednesday 27.Feb 11:17, 2019
12th Winter Fantasy Overall
FirstCycling dollas sounds legit :D

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Wednesday 27.Feb 09:49, 2019
 So.... Jinx.inc's days in the sun is over afte today ... I will be very surprised if I survive the day without Bolshunov and Lundby on my team ... but then again .... there's some skiing and jumping todo first ... and where else does the surprises turn up, if not in the championships :))

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Tuesday 26.Feb 20:31, 2019
See what happens when you make too many jokes in here ... nobody take you seriously :D:D

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Tuesday 26.Feb 19:41, 2019
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
Gadrets is not working? :D

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Tuesday 26.Feb 19:35, 2019
FCD ( FirstCycling Dollar ) ?

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Tuesday 26.Feb 19:29, 2019
Question Tomas ...
I am in an discussion with a buddy about plans for period 4 ... but when we come to the terminology of the values, it gets a little childish kind of ...
Does it have a name ? ... and if not, maybe it should ? ... FCcash or something like that ?
Ideas ?

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Tuesday 26.Feb 17:39, 2019
1st Winter Fantasy Overall
Johaug achieved her goal of getting an individual medal. And now she has two already! Both of them gold, who would have thought??
After the Clostebol saga she should really make a point of only saying shit that sounds believable instead of this rubbish.

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Tuesday 26.Feb 17:24, 2019
She doesn't exactly drag down the beauty factor in this circus either

Tomas [Second Coming] Tuesday 26.Feb 16:54, 2019
12th Winter Fantasy Overall
I tried to pick up Frida Karlsson last transfer window, tought she was to be found at 30, but the algoritme hadnt put her in the game.

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Tuesday 26.Feb 15:56, 2019
Suddenly Ebba Andersson was yesterday's news ...

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Saturday 23.Feb 11:48, 2019
How the stupid hell am I gonna defend myself when Alpine races gets cancelled ? :D
SG Bansko cancelled ... YUCK

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Sunday 17.Feb 17:30, 2019
A small buffer into the championships for Jinx.inc.... I need my Alpinists to defend my losses during to stay alive ... quit interesting scenario guys ?

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Friday 8.Feb 20:24, 2019
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
We should just cancel rest of the season so that score would be the winning score

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Friday 8.Feb 19:01, 2019
Nice score Andy :D

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Friday 8.Feb 10:19, 2019
Johannes Thingnes Bø's season is just amazing ... he looks like the greatest athlete on earth regardless sports ... 12 wins already, with 10 more individual races to go, it sounds to be like a walk in the park beating Fourcade's record of 14 wins ... and set new point record ?
Well, 14 wins seems like something that will happen, but to beat Fourcade's 2016/17 season point record .... Well, he needs 1323 points.... that means he needs to score 495 more points after deleting a 7th and a 9th place ( 68 p )
And with 60 p a win, he really needs to keep it up ....
What the hell was Fourcade doing in 2016/17 ? :D

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Sunday 3.Feb 18:28, 2019
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
Only day I am leading in this period is the day the period started and finished. Would be nice if the same happened for period 3 and 4.

Tomas [Second Coming] Sunday 27.Jan 17:13, 2019
12th Winter Fantasy Overall
New athlete values calculated by the system. Lots of changes.

Tomas [Second Coming] Sunday 27.Jan 13:34, 2019
12th Winter Fantasy Overall
I'm climbing steady in the overall. 5th now - and totally rocking GW9 :)) Just a pity Dahlmeier are giving more of a return.

Gonna be exciting seeing the value changes later today.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Friday 25.Jan 16:13, 2019
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
Maybe same level as Fourcade when he tried some years ago. He is just not used to go 15 km without any speed accelerations, like OEB and Berger did when they were at the top

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Friday 25.Jan 15:20, 2019
Johannes Thingnes Bø deserves a mentioning here on FC these days ... his 10th out of 13 this season ... impressive stuff 

You cross country guys in here... how would Johannes do in a 15 km cross country? 
In competition with Røthe, Cologna, Ustiugov, Krüger, Sundby and Spitsov and those guys

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Sunday 20.Jan 15:27, 2019
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
And then she wins next week ;)

Tomas [Second Coming] Sunday 20.Jan 15:26, 2019
12th Winter Fantasy Overall
Dahlmeier's season just keep hitting new highs.. working hard to getting her self replaced on my fantasy team this days.

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Sunday 20.Jan 15:08, 2019
I thought Christiansen would win pre race today ... was close .... Tandrevold I was far form as positive about

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Sunday 20.Jan 15:06, 2019
This is what i'm talking about Tandrevold :D

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Friday 11.Jan 15:29, 2019
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
Fourcade also likely on the ceremony as the top 6 is there and probably IOC president who is handing out prizes

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Friday 11.Jan 15:27, 2019
Loginov and Samuelson on the podium together .... that should be interesting :D

Tomas [Second Coming] Thursday 10.Jan 17:28, 2019
12th Winter Fantasy Overall
Should be fixed now. The source code had the dates for this round starting at 2019-01-09 and not 2018-01-08.

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Thursday 10.Jan 16:59, 2019
1st Winter Fantasy Overall
points havent been added for the women's slalom

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Thursday 10.Jan 15:23, 2019
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
Same goes here of course, at least Öberg getting me some points today

Tomas [Second Coming] Thursday 10.Jan 14:37, 2019
12th Winter Fantasy Overall
Nice that I made room for her in my budget then :P

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Thursday 10.Jan 14:29, 2019
No Dahlameier on start ? Thought she was back now ... sick again ?

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Sunday 30.Dec 16:27, 2018
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
Would be so fantastic if Ustiugov wins Tour de Ski now!

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Thursday 27.Dec 14:01, 2018
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
Not very easy to be happy with the team in period 2, even not using my entire budget currently.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Sunday 23.Dec 23:10, 2018
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
It did. I would however not be leading if the cancelled ski jumping races had been replaced, but that's part of the game.

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Sunday 23.Dec 13:08, 2018
Geiger 5 ... that will do it

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Sunday 23.Dec 13:06, 2018
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
Don't understand how I manage that though :) But the rare combo of Shiffrin and Mini-Bø seems like the real thing.

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Sunday 23.Dec 13:03, 2018
Periode win btw Andy ... looks like you got it with 40 points to Vinzent Geiger and Tandrevold today ... Geiger in the front group right now, and he got maybe the best sprint in this group... so I take my chances... Congrats with the win Andy :))

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Sunday 23.Dec 09:26, 2018
Yeah well ... both Hirscher and Kristoffersen DNFs in second run yesterday ... what are the odds for that :D 
But then again, with this last week for those two guys .... 5 races since Sunday with the highest pressure of all athletes in sports these days .... not easy

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Saturday 22.Dec 21:34, 2018
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
I thought you would be winning period 1 earlier this week, goon. But both Hirscher and Kristoffersen not grabbing enough points don't help you. I Didn't expect to be so close the lead for a month ago, but I take that :)

Tomas [Second Coming] Thursday 20.Dec 21:10, 2018
12th Winter Fantasy Overall
The value changes is not from "today", its from earlier - atleast the dates from the scripts are. Everything was already good to go, I just wanted to be able to go over and control everything before uploading. Today was the day I got around putting winterfantasy on top of my todo-list :)

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Thursday 20.Dec 21:02, 2018
And the reason for doing the last value update, before the changing window, in the middle of round 5 is ? :D
I mean... it would be nice to know :))
Christmas maybe ?

Tomas [Second Coming] Thursday 20.Dec 19:34, 2018
12th Winter Fantasy Overall
New athlete values updated.

Fantasy game update being uploaded as we speak - with an opening for part two of the competition.

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Wednesday 19.Dec 09:26, 2018
Thanks Tomas :))

Tomas [Second Coming] Tuesday 18.Dec 21:45, 2018
12th Winter Fantasy Overall
@goon1221: your team name are now changed as asked for.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Tuesday 18.Dec 21:44, 2018
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
But you know I have full control for what athletes will do well in xc, biathlon and nordic combined, not so good for ski jumping (which is more or less bingo) and alpine

Tomas [Second Coming] Tuesday 18.Dec 21:42, 2018
12th Winter Fantasy Overall
Andy = lol. You spent like 48h last year ;) Nobody here will ever ever belive you spent less then anything that can be posted in minutes even if you claim it over and over again ;)

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Tuesday 18.Dec 14:39, 2018
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
I did a only Russian team when it opened, but had to change that when Ustiugov got injured, and did maybe only 30 min team, as my manager results in 2018 showed I haven't spent a lot of time, but still great to see I am up there after first period.

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Tuesday 18.Dec 12:25, 2018
So you spent less than an 90 minutes then .... wow .. thought you guys cared a little more than that of your own creation ?

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Tuesday 18.Dec 11:42, 2018
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
Good to see somebody spent more time on the team than I did :)

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Monday 17.Dec 22:41, 2018
I don't understand your Johaug consideration Tomas ? ... pre start I had 3-4 big 150 ish athletes on my plate
Hirsher and Shiffrin as the most point picking athletes and Johaug and Martææææææn as the most likely 3rd and 4th most point picking athletes
Then the changing issues comes in ... I figured Johaug would be a good 150 pick who easily could be droped for period 2, for money release, becaus of her most likely focus on the world's, which again means she'll drop Tds....
Martææææææn has his hands full of Bø, si i droped him :D .... Shiffrin was the worst to drop ... but i figgured she wouldn't be so F...ING good in SG this season, and she's beatable in GS.... Luckily she took a break from racing this week ... But i think she will be back with a win in slalom and a podium in GS in courchevel this weekend though ...

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Monday 17.Dec 22:02, 2018
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
Have a feeling your highly appreciated Japanese in nordic combined is out ;)

Tomas [Second Coming] Monday 17.Dec 21:29, 2018
12th Winter Fantasy Overall
Will be interesting to see what happens with values before the it opens up for changes. I must somehow fit in Johaug, and maybe Bø in my team, among other "must do" changes. Will for sure be 6 hard changes.

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Monday 17.Dec 11:15, 2018
The sprint for the period win is on guys
BMC got a pretty good team this week
Hirscher, Kristoffersen, Bø, Christiansen, Riiber and Tandrevold....
Hirscher, Riiber and Bø seems like a sure thing, and Christiansen is the new up and coming norwegian Biathlon guy ... Kristoffersen is in his first crisis of his career... let's see how he handles that, and Tandrevold need to step up on the shooting range ... if she does, she's a podium candidate .... I cross my fingers for her :))

Tomas [Second Coming] Monday 10.Dec 17:21, 2018
12th Winter Fantasy Overall
Probably. Fixed.

Also gameweek points will be set up soon - the same goes for value changes for athlete's.

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Monday 10.Dec 16:00, 2018
1st Winter Fantasy Overall
There will be three windows during the season where you can make up to 6 changes to you team
1 Dec 28th
2 February 3th
3 March 8th

Eh, I assume this should be February 5th.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Saturday 1.Dec 23:25, 2018
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
Nordic combined and women ski jumping about to become the new big thing this season of a very simple reason

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Friday 30.Nov 13:48, 2018
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
It is 11th in qual who choose first, then 10th and so on.

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Friday 30.Nov 12:49, 2018
I am not 100% sure ... but I think 5 or 10 in the prolog starts, and down to 1 ... so that the winner can see where the best guys at.... seems like a logical system ... then 11 and out

boris03 [Cycling lions] Friday 30.Nov 12:39, 2018
Does anyone understand how groups for sprint final are created?

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Tuesday 27.Nov 21:36, 2018
Haha ... hence the capitalization

Tomas [Second Coming] Tuesday 27.Nov 21:27, 2018
12th Winter Fantasy Overall
First I thought you meant skisport365 - then I clicked your link ;)

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Tuesday 27.Nov 21:16, 2018
I guess depressive geeks need to work as well

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Tuesday 27.Nov 21:11, 2018
Congratulations to THIS website..... talk about doing thing more complicated and difficult

This site was actually one of my favourite becaus it was easy to understand .... now it's complicated crap


Tomas [Second Coming] Monday 26.Nov 18:02, 2018
12th Winter Fantasy Overall
So I deleted comments from 3 users, not on purpose :o

Tomas [Second Coming] Monday 26.Nov 16:26, 2018
12th Winter Fantasy Overall
I tried to remove what looked like double comments.......

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Sunday 25.Nov 19:41, 2018

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Sunday 25.Nov 14:16, 2018
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
But not in the lead when the weekend is over if they manage to have jumping today

Tomas [Second Coming] Sunday 25.Nov 14:15, 2018
12th Winter Fantasy Overall
Had some child diseases in the scripts - everything should sorted out now.

Andyman top dog as we speak

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Saturday 24.Nov 12:27, 2018
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
Petter in better form than I thought when I set up my team yesterday, hope that he gets to Lillehammer, but doubt it since he most likely will fail to get through the qualification at the sprint.

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Saturday 24.Nov 11:54, 2018
Never mind ... I found it ... she was 5

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Saturday 24.Nov 11:51, 2018
And I picked a couple of sheap Biathlons just for you ... Tandrevold and Christiansen.... how did Tandrevold do in the opening btw?

Tomas [Second Coming] Saturday 24.Nov 11:39, 2018
12th Winter Fantasy Overall
Well, I did enter a young $30 alpine lady just for you ;)

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Saturday 24.Nov 11:35, 2018
I gave you the gender and that she was sheep ... so I figured you know me, and what sports I like ... so a sheep alpine or skijumping girl then ... should be findable with her palmare :))

Tomas [Second Coming] Saturday 24.Nov 11:29, 2018
12th Winter Fantasy Overall
I asked for that big tip of yours, but you didnt wanna share it with me :D

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Saturday 24.Nov 11:18, 2018
Definitely 35 worth with this result list


goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Saturday 24.Nov 11:15, 2018
But no Odine Strøm Tomas?

Tomas [Second Coming] Saturday 24.Nov 11:14, 2018
12th Winter Fantasy Overall
My team went hard on women ski jumping, gonna be wierd having that as the goto sport the next month. Atleast norwegian NRK are having the old cycling supreme commentaor Arild Eriksen behind the wheels here.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Friday 23.Nov 20:05, 2018
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
That is not possible, the athletes needs to fit the minimum criteria to get into the game. And too late now to add some ski jumpers who did well in Wisla if that is what you mean.

boris03 [Cycling lions] Friday 23.Nov 19:17, 2018
How to add some athlete to game?

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Friday 23.Nov 13:59, 2018
I have done another attempt. Hopefully better than last year.

Tomas [Second Coming] Thursday 22.Nov 18:40, 2018
12th Winter Fantasy Overall
And remember to pick up the right Kobayashi ;)

Tomas [Second Coming] Thursday 22.Nov 12:32, 2018
12th Winter Fantasy Overall
All norwegian cross-country picks are so expensive. Aslo I feel its hard going in without both Klæbo and Bolshunov, to much of a risk playing the overall game.

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Thursday 22.Nov 11:33, 2018
Although ... Emil Iversen will win Nordic opening ... so maybe find a spot for him as well :D ... from non cross country to alot in 5 minutes :D

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Thursday 22.Nov 11:13, 2018
Ah.... was about to drop Bolshunov and Klæbo there for a minute :D

Tomas [Second Coming] Thursday 22.Nov 11:07, 2018
12th Winter Fantasy Overall
Part II starts 28th Dec - so yes sir you are absolutely correct.

All World Cup points counts so Nordic Opening, as Tour des Skis, counts full. This is the reason the teams heavy loaded with cross-country athlete's last year went to the tops in round one before starting to drop downwards :)

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Thursday 22.Nov 10:59, 2018
I repeat my Question regarding the manager game here :D :
Alpine men and woman .... Bormio and Semmening ( 12 - 28th and 29th ) starts round 2 right ?

And ... does Nordic opening GC count ?

Tomas [Second Coming] Thursday 22.Nov 10:47, 2018
12th Winter Fantasy Overall
With around two days togo: it's time to fine tune our teams. From my draft team atleat five could be thrown out rather fast, Norhug, I'm especially looking at you. Also I'm not that convinced on several of the top picks so far in the game. But I reckon there will be some changes there before the deadline.

Oh, and feel free to send a message to a friend telling him/her to get off the couch and join ;)

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