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Date Host Discipline Link Result
2018-01-28 Ulrichen WJC Sprint F Result T. Mancini J. Lippert V. Grond
2018-01-29 Ulrichen W23C Sprint F Result E. Valnes J. Jenssen E. Northug
2018-01-30 Ulrichen WJC 10 km C Result J. Hope S. Ardashev J. Lippert
2018-01-31 Ulrichen W23C 15 km C Result M. Stenshagen D. Spitsov I. Yakimushkin
2018-02-01 Ulrichen WJC Duathlon 10+10km Result H. Amundsen J. Hope J. Lippert
2018-02-02 Ulrichen W23C Duathlon 15+15km Result D. Spitsov J. Lapierre O. Bruvoll
2018-02-03 Ulrichen WJC 4x5 km Relay Result Norway USA Russia
2018-02-11 Pyeongchang Duathlon 15+15km Result S. Krüger M. Sundby H. Holund
2018-02-13 Pyeongchang Sprint C Result J. Klæbo F. Pellegrino A. Bolshunov
2018-02-16 Pyeongchang 15 km F Result D. Cologna S. Krüger D. Spitsov
2018-02-18 Pyeongchang 4x10 km Relay Result Norway Russia France
2018-02-21 Pyeongchang Team Sprint F Result Norway Russia France
2018-02-24 Pyeongchang 50 km C Mass Start Result I. Niskanen A. Bolshunov A. Larkov