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Date What Discipline Link Results
2012-01-21 SCAN Sprint C Result 1 T. Bakken 2 N. Colliander 3 Å. Byggland
2012-01-20 SCAN 15 km F Result 1 F. Karlsson 2 F. Krogh 3 D. Tønseth
2006-02-26 SCAN Sprint F Result 1 Ø. Pettersen 2 P. Northug 3 E. Østlien
2006-02-25 SCAN Duathlon 15+15km Result 1 P. Northug 2 G. Aasen Ouren 3 K. Skjeldal


Nation Norway
Last winner T.Bakken [2012]
First winner P.Northug [2006]