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NicolaiK - Team Tinkov



Ole Einar Bjørndalen (Biathlon)


2017 Standings

No.3 in overall competition with 479 points. Alpine no.1 with 100 pts. Ski Jumping no.6 with 67 pts. Nordic Combined no.7 with 67 pts. Cross-Country, women no.1 with 100 pts. Cross-Country, men no.4 with 69 pts. Biathlon, women no.7 with 58 pts. Biathlon, men no.1 with 100 pts. Olympics no.4 with 74 pts.

2016 Standings

No.2 in overall competition with 559 points. Alpine no.3 with 96 pts. Ski Jumping no.7 with 86 pts. Nordic Combined no.1 with 100 pts. Cross-Country, women no.2 with 99 pts. Cross-Country, men no.4 with 88 pts. Biathlon, women no.6 with 82 pts. Biathlon, men no.2 with 100 pts.

2015 Standings

No.4 in overall competition with 507 points. Alpine no.2 with 99 pts. Ski Jumping no.3 with 93 pts. Nordic Combined no.13 with 69 pts. Cross-Country, women no.8 with 84 pts. Cross-Country, men no.1 with 100 pts. Biathlon, women no.15 with 66 pts. Biathlon, men no.6 with 78 pts. Olympics no.16 with 66 pts.


Name NicolaiK
Teamname Team Tinkov
Nation Denmark
Member since 19.Apr, 2014