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Trym - Team sky



Tora Berger (Biathlon), Magdalena Neuner (Biathlon), Lars Berger (Biathlon), Ole Einar Bjørndalen (Biathlon), Tarjei Bø (Biathlon), Emil Hegle Svendsen (Biathlon), Marit Bjørgen (C.Country), Therese Johaug (C.Country), Kristin Størmer Steira (C.Country), Anders Bardal (S.Jumping), Espen Bredesen (S.Jumping), Anders Jacobsen (S.Jumping), Birger Ruud (S.Jumping), Andreas Stjernen (S.Jumping)


2016 Standings

No.32 in overall competition with 200 points. Alpine no.42 with 1 pts. Nordic Combined no.28 with 55 pts. Cross-Country, women no.27 with 56 pts. Cross-Country, men no.40 with 28 pts. Biathlon, women no.23 with 50 pts. Biathlon, men no.28 with 58 pts.

2015 Standings

No.50 in overall competition with 13 points. Ski Jumping no.40 with 13 pts. Olympics no.47 with 5 pts.

2014 Standings

No.25 in overall competition with 232 points. Alpine no.22 with 41 pts. Ski Jumping no.17 with 48 pts. Nordic Combined no.43 with 12 pts. Cross-Country, women no.19 with 45 pts. Cross-Country, men no.30 with 36 pts. Biathlon, women no.38 with 36 pts. Biathlon, men no.19 with 58 pts. Olympics no.34 with 28 pts.


Name Trym
Teamname Team sky
Nation Norway
Member since 04.May, 2013