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jofl - Snickabos



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2017 Standings

No.15 in overall competition with 204 points. Alpine no.12 with 53 pts. Ski Jumping no.13 with 32 pts. Nordic Combined no.16 with 23 pts. Cross-Country, women no.14 with 35 pts. Cross-Country, men no.14 with 28 pts. Biathlon, women no.13 with 32 pts. Biathlon, men no.13 with 33 pts. Olympics no.21 with 5 pts.

2015 Standings

No.16 in overall competition with 371 points. Alpine no.11 with 73 pts. Ski Jumping no.8 with 73 pts. Nordic Combined no.33 with 27 pts. Cross-Country, women no.15 with 66 pts. Cross-Country, men no.11 with 74 pts. Biathlon, women no.8 with 75 pts. Biathlon, men no.24 with 49 pts. Olympics no.5 with 89 pts.

2014 Standings

No.10 in overall competition with 405 points. Alpine no.11 with 65 pts. Ski Jumping no.3 with 91 pts. Nordic Combined no.12 with 62 pts. Cross-Country, women no.14 with 59 pts. Cross-Country, men no.12 with 58 pts. Biathlon, women no.12 with 66 pts. Biathlon, men no.12 with 66 pts. Olympics no.15 with 69 pts.


Name jofl
Teamname Snickabos
From trondheim
Nation Norway
Member since 28.Aug, 2010