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Fantasy Game

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Teams [24]

# Team Manager Points
BMC goon1221
epoepo Tobbe11
Erythropoietin Erythropoietin
Green Bullet Cycling Kristian-K
HotPie Hot Pie
JD jacekmaciek
Jecco Cycling jecco
JuhaMieto LosBrolin
LSK Cycling Remi
Luxembourg Finest Andy
Orgrimmar FC Vidar
PABben PABben
Second Coming Tomas
sinal cycling team sinal
sofa arko
Sprettball Muserytteren
sylvainm sylvainm
Team Paracarri sker
Team Kristian
Tomas*All*Stars tomas_kloden
Troy The Trader Assassin
Uståsen gunnar snorroeg
VHVikings VegardHLSTR
Wevelgem TestTeam TestTeam

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