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Date Host Discipline Link Result
2018-11-24 Ruka - Kuusamo Gundersen HS142/10km
2018-11-25 Ruka - Kuusamo Team HS142/4x5km
2018-11-30 Lillehammer Gundersen HS98/5km
2018-12-01 Lillehammer Mass Start HS98/10km
2018-12-02 Lillehammer Gundersen HS140/10km
2018-12-22 Ramsau Gundersen HS98/10km
2018-12-23 Ramsau Gundersen HS98/10km
2019-01-05 Otepää Gundersen HS100/10km
2019-01-06 Otepää Gundersen HS100/10Km
2019-01-11 Val di Fiemme Gundersen HS135/10Km
2019-01-12 Val di Fiemme Team Sprint HS135/2x7.5km
2019-01-13 Val di Fiemme Gundersen HS135/10Km
2019-01-18 Chaux-Neuve Gundersen HS118/5Km
2019-01-19 Chaux-Neuve Gundersen HS118/10Km
2019-01-20 Chaux-Neuve Gundersen HS118/15km
2019-01-26 Trondheim Gundersen HS140/10km
2019-01-27 Trondheim Gundersen HS140/10km
2019-02-02 Klingenthal Gundersen HS140/10km
2019-02-03 Klingenthal Gundersen HS140/10km
2019-02-09 Lahti Team Sprint HS130/2x7.5km
2019-02-10 Lahti Gundersen HS130/10km
2019-02-22 Seefeld WSC Gundersen HS130/10km
2019-02-24 Seefeld WSC Team Sprint HS130/2x7.5km
2019-02-28 Seefeld WSC Gundersen HS109/10km
2019-03-02 Seefeld WSC Team HS109/4x5km
2019-03-09 Holmenkollen Gundersen HS134/10km
2019-03-16 Schonach Gundersen HS106/10km
2019-03-17 Schonach Gundersen HS106/15km