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The Manager Game: pick your athletes and compete with other players!


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Calender Standings 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013

2017 Calendar

# Date Name Status Pts Disciplines Winner
1Sat 17.Dec 11:30 RamsauResult150Gundersen, Gundersen Team Tinkov
2Fri 13.Jan 09:15 Val di FiemmeResult150Gundersen, Gundersen Second Coming
3Sat 21.Jan 13:30 Chaux-NeuveResult150Gundersen, Gundersen Erythropoietin &
Shrikes team
4Fri 27.Jan 14:00 SeefeldResult200Gundersen, Gundersen, Gundersen Green Bullet Cycling &
5Sat 4.Feb 10:00 AsiaResult250Gundersen, Gundersen, Gundersen Le Tour de Brabant
6Fri 24.Feb 09:30 LahtiResult200Gundersen, Gundersen Le Tour de Brabant
7Sat 11.Mar 11:00 NorwayResult150Gundersen, Gundersen Luxembourg Finest
8Sat 18.Mar 10:00 SchonachResult150Gundersen, Gundersen Luxembourg Finest