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Anna Shpyneva

Season WC-Total Continental Races Average Wins Podiums Top 10 Top 30

* World Cup for women first introduced in 2011/2012 season. Before that the Continental Cup was considered the "unofficial" World Cup.

Year Hills

2017/18 2016/17

Date What Host Pos What Points Lenght 1 Lenght 2
2017-09-16COC Trondheim1129HS100208.1 pts91.582.0
2017-09-15COC Trondheim1329HS100202.4 pts81.095.5
2017-09-10GP Chaikovsky3116HS10269.2 pts84.5-
2017-09-09GP Chaikovsky301HS102165.9 pts84.081.0
2017-08-19COC Oberwiesenthal335HS106161.1 pts86.579.0
2017-08-18COC Oberwiesenthal48HS106206.1 pts89.592.0
Date What Host Pos What Points Lenght 1 Lenght 2
2016-12-17COC NotoddenDNS5HS98---
2016-12-16COC NotoddenDNS42HS98---
2016-08-27COC Oberwiesenthal2426HS106130.8 pts76.580.0
2016-08-26COC Oberwiesenthal2613HS106142.7 pts77.080.0
Name Anna Shpyneva
Nation Russia
Born15 y (3.Jan 2002)
Results2017 - 2018