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Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Tuesday 31.Oct 23:25, 2017

Sorry all for my absence the last week, been travelling both in a professional and personal capacity plus sick kids to top it all off.

Here's a spreadsheet primarily to help the new managers plan for the pre-draft in a month. I've updated it so all riders on TeamSky and TeamProtours are listed as without a team plus all riders who have been announced as leaving by their manager:

If you filter by (Blanks) in coloumn F you get the rider pool available for the pre-draft, this be slightly bigger once all managers have decided on riders on 2017-contracts. I'll update the teams with extensions/wage rises within the next week and then start prodding managers who haven't made any announcements on riders with contracts ending in 2017.

Note: this only includes riders who scored at least 50 FC-points this year

Note 2: Of all riders scoring at least 50 FC-points this year, average points/wage unit was 35 which might helpful when considering wage of signings.

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