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Assassin [Troy The Trader] Monday 25.Dec 23:08, 2017
Can't see that happening :D

Nathan [CT Glory] Monday 25.Dec 22:52, 2017
24th Winter Fantasy Overall
Merry christmas all, may you all lose to me next season!

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Monday 25.Dec 10:21, 2017
Merry Christmas all

Koronin [Koronin] Sunday 24.Dec 20:46, 2017
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

I've sent messages to all my manager teammates from this year. I've heard back from Road Rash so far. He and I are planning on continuing our team Kings of the Mountains. Still waiting to hear back from the other three.

Francisco, I like the idea. Also need to include the former Movistar rider who died when he crashed at the GIro a few years ago. I don't remember his name at the moment.

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Sunday 24.Dec 18:12, 2017
Just thought I would drop in to wish everyone a Merry Xmas, and a Happy New Year.

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Sunday 24.Dec 16:04, 2017
Thank you guys for supporting the idea.
EPO, to me there shouldnít be any difference in the Wall, same importance in good old Scarpa or Lowndes, Chad, Demoitie or that french amateur I donít know the name. just to mention some of the recent cases.
My opinion, of course.
A Merry Christmas everybody, together with your family, friends or alone, if someoneís case.
And a Happy and Healthy Year!

Tomas [Second Coming] Saturday 23.Dec 17:45, 2017
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
(Wrong thread for this discussion, but...)

I think that the idea is good. But it will put work on someone keeping it up to date - and also checking it backwards - since this is something we can't have online unless it's 100%.

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Saturday 23.Dec 16:24, 2017
4th Winter Fantasy Overall
would fit in the "hall of fame" section. ofc then there will be discussions about which names are "big" enough, and each case is different too

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Saturday 23.Dec 10:02, 2017
Very sad news indeed. That's a nice idea Francisco, i'm sure it can be looked into.

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Friday 22.Dec 17:00, 2017
Another sad, sad new, today.
This time Jason Lowndes, hitted by a truck in Australia during a ride... :(
The best i have to say of him is that he was under K92 Team radar in 2017, after a promising 2016.
RIP Jason!

P.S. I would like to suggest the creation in this site of a kind of Wall of Immortals, where we can immortalize those who fall riding both competition or training.

Tomas [Second Coming] Wednesday 8.Nov 19:40, 2017
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
Really wierd - since it wasn't like that on my localhost. Files re-uploaded. Thanks ;)

Jspear [Jspear] Wednesday 8.Nov 18:59, 2017
So I can see that there is Admin threads, but it says Error when I click on them. Are us mere mortals suppose to see those thread titles? :)

zKobalt [FruitnOats] Saturday 28.Oct 13:31, 2017
My idea is for a Women's FC Manager for select races in 2018.

BartVelo [BartVelo] Friday 27.Oct 14:58, 2017
@zKobalt, what do you mean exactly?

zKobalt [FruitnOats] Friday 27.Oct 12:28, 2017
I like the idea of the different cups, maybe an Ardennes or Flanders themed one. Any chance for one off women's managers for big races like La Course, Giro Rosa, Fleche Wallonie, LBL? Similar to the separate track competition.

Tomas [Second Coming] Wednesday 25.Oct 17:57, 2017
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
I know Bart has been working on a demo - setting the whole 2017 into a league system. His notes looks rather interesting. Reckon it will be posted within the week.

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Wednesday 25.Oct 17:25, 2017
I suppose the best way of getting the most managers involved, and them keeping them involved has to be the better option. Thing is it is very easy to come up with ideas, how easy it is for the computer boffins to implement I have no idea, as I have already said before, I am virtually computer illiterate.
A season long cup would provide an added incentive for new and old managers though.

Ruvu [Ruvu] Wednesday 25.Oct 16:26, 2017
@Aragonite Or start with a group phase, which would make it possible to join for all, not only 128... After a sudden period each group has a ranking, based on scored points and then then top 4 move on to knock out, or a 2nd group phase, depending on schedule and nr of players

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Wednesday 25.Oct 15:38, 2017
Would there be anyway to have a cup competition similar to the ones they have on fantasy football sites? Starting with 256, or 128 competitors. Then have monthly one v one's, winner goes onto the next month. Then another draw, another set of one v ones etc, etc. Would take seven or eight months to complete , depending on how many start.
Could be a way of keeping more people interested for longer.

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Wednesday 25.Oct 12:20, 2017
I liked the Coppa Italia, also, and i think we could add some other races to these of autumn.
One Belgian Cup and one French Cup to be included, too, it would be nice.
Also the 5 Monuments Cup.
I know i already talked about this but just another try...:)

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Wednesday 25.Oct 11:57, 2017
We use to say here: winning teams we don't touch... :)
I liked the on best form adding, i like the new duel cup competition that's arriving. I could point to sker's proposal, seems a good idea.

Congrats to the Cup Standings winner but also to the rest of competitions. Well, almost the same in every each of them...:)
A special word to Team Competition, this year with several teams. Hope to continue and even get more presences!

Koronin [Koronin] Wednesday 25.Oct 04:13, 2017
I obviously need to get better at picking riders. (Although can I blame Valverde's injury on some of my issues in the 2nd half of the season?) Although a link for being able to watch races might be nice, esp if the link has replays for those of us who are asleep and working during the races.

sker [Team Paracarri] Wednesday 25.Oct 01:30, 2017
Race tv coverage/official streaming tab seems a very good idea to me. Eurosport ones should be almost automatic, it would be very useful for minor races.

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Tuesday 24.Oct 19:03, 2017
And ofc well done to my team mate and the no.1 player Ruvu

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Tuesday 24.Oct 18:44, 2017
Jspear, simple fix to that would be to send a message to either myself or Andy and we can add them.

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Tuesday 24.Oct 15:40, 2017
Posted this also on the Guangxi thread.
Congrats to Ruvu. Again. Well played.

Jspear [Jspear] Tuesday 24.Oct 15:30, 2017
@Nathan. Donít settle for second. The ďkingĒ can be toppled! :p

The only big thing Iíd like to see is a way where I can pick any rider I want for my reserves. If your startlist isnít official I might want a rider on my team that you donít have up yet.

Also donít bring in more races!

goon1221 [BMC] Tuesday 24.Oct 14:56, 2017
14th Winter Fantasy Overall
Well, 19th gc wasn't exactly what i had in mind in january :D .... I blame it on Kelderman in the Giro ... my podium team went off the road becaus of him and i motorcycle, and didn't care much after that .... oh well, new chances next year :))) .... only wish for next season is showing previous winners and podium on the manager games :)))

Nathan [CT Glory] Tuesday 24.Oct 11:59, 2017
24th Winter Fantasy Overall
And me 2nd after the king

Nathan [CT Glory] Tuesday 24.Oct 11:57, 2017
24th Winter Fantasy Overall
I would like to see like a tab where we can see where it is shown (the race) IF it is shown.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Tuesday 24.Oct 10:35, 2017
7th Winter Fantasy Overall
Manager season official finished. So what do you think we should do better next year? This is both about the manager calendar 2018 and how we solved some manager issues this year.

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