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Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Thursday 26.Apr 08:52, 2018
I see the pics are added.

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Friday 2.Mar 19:26, 2018
Startlist Final - Strade Bianche Women

BartVelo [BartVelo] Monday 26.Feb 18:24, 2018
Feel free to do the pictures EPO :-)

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Monday 26.Feb 17:57, 2018
Thanks! I'm afraid I will forget deadlines otherwise for the non duo man/woman races, e.g. Giro Rosa. And the pics are much *needed*, yes. ;)

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Monday 26.Feb 17:51, 2018
4th Winter Fantasy Overall
just use pink font ;) pictures of the riders are also needed

Tomas [Second Coming] Monday 26.Feb 17:45, 2018
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
Yes sir. It will arrive, suddenly. Are doing a re-work of the top top line.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Monday 26.Feb 17:43, 2018
Is there a way for a more quick access to the women's races, like what now happens with the men's races at the top?

BartVelo [BartVelo] Sunday 25.Feb 12:59, 2018
We are looking for more admins for the women's results. If you have time and are willing to help, please send me a private message.

BartVelo [BartVelo] Sunday 25.Feb 12:36, 2018
Happy to see already 13 managers joining the game! Hoping for many more. And please spread the word.

BartVelo [BartVelo] Saturday 24.Feb 22:20, 2018
Request: Could you all go to like this, like the latest post about the Women's game and retweet it. That would be a big help in getting a lot of players from the start. Thanks in advance!

BartVelo [BartVelo] Saturday 24.Feb 18:29, 2018
Update: season calendar manager will be filled the coming days

BartVelo [BartVelo] Saturday 24.Feb 17:46, 2018
Update: first manager has been opened. Let's join all :-)

BartVelo [BartVelo] Monday 19.Feb 14:11, 2018
Update: in a few days the manager structure for the Women's part will be set up and then you can enter with a team for Strade Bianchi Women.

We are close to gettings all 2017 results for the biggest women races done.

Also if you wish to play as a team, just like the men's game, start gathering your team already. There will be a topic coming up in a few days where you can post your team name and members.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Sunday 21.Jan 18:38, 2018

BartVelo [BartVelo] Sunday 21.Jan 18:34, 2018
Check again :-)

* Using the search bar on women names. You simply won't get a hit at this point until that get's implemented.
--> also fixed :-)

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Sunday 21.Jan 18:20, 2018
Where? This is what I see on R&R's page:

Year + World Tour UCI CN NE / Am Track Cyclocross x.HC x.1 x.2 U23 Juniors Nordic

No Women to see. And the same goes with Teams:

WorldTour Pro.Continental Continental Other

With other only being local/club teams lower than CT.

BartVelo [BartVelo] Sunday 21.Jan 18:08, 2018
At Races & Results you can go to the Women section and see there 1 result for 2018 and some results for 2016 and 2017.

At Teams there you can go to the Women section aswell.

What's not been done yet:
* Using the search bar on women names. You simply won't get a hit at this point until that get's implemented.
* Creating the manager, with calendar, year ranking, team competition. Basically the same we have for the men but the for the women.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Sunday 21.Jan 18:03, 2018
Will there be a direct link to women's cycling on the site instead of only the link in this thread?

Tomas [Second Coming] Friday 12.Jan 17:43, 2018
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
Good to see woman cycling up and running, its a good addon for FirstCycling :)
As we don't post updates for everything happing else regarding the sites db, I think by now everyone gets that we have women cycling, especially by it suddenly hitting the top of our front page today ;)

Keep up the good work - ! I'll set it up so we can have managers once the WorldTour kicks of in March.

BartVelo [BartVelo] Friday 12.Jan 17:25, 2018
I hope you all have noticed that we did already 2 stages of this year's Santos Women's Tour (2.1) processed :-)

BartVelo [BartVelo] Tuesday 9.Jan 22:00, 2018
* 100% of creating the teams and assigning the riders from 2015 - 2018 is done :-)

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Monday 8.Jan 23:51, 2018
Good to see things falling into place, this should help generate non-managers hits :)

BartVelo [BartVelo] Monday 8.Jan 22:47, 2018
* Nearly 95% of creating the teams and assigning the riders from 2015 - 2018 to it is done.

* Tomas and Andy created Women races, see direct link:
Thanks to Tomas and Andy for making this possible!

* Hitman (Assassin) showed how to create a startlist and we did for a race: and also we entered the result of the race:

A minor thing needs to be solved and the team can start adding more results :-)

Meers222 [GearsMeers] Saturday 6.Jan 02:39, 2018
Take your time Bart and crew, thanks for the hard work and I look forward to playing.

BartVelo [BartVelo] Friday 5.Jan 10:21, 2018
@Meers222, I'm aiming for the beginning of March, but we can only start when we have done the minimum we think is needed to start the game properly. So I'm not promising March, but I hope so.

If you are interested to help aswell, please send me a private message.

Meers222 [GearsMeers] Friday 5.Jan 01:55, 2018
When is first race for them that we are going to be doing?

BartVelo [BartVelo] Wednesday 3.Jan 00:11, 2018
Update: we are progressing on adding the teams assigning the riders for the 2015-2017 years.
See for example:

BartVelo [BartVelo] Saturday 30.Dec 11:08, 2017
Yes KitKat, I send you a private message :-)

Pollitikat [KitKat] Saturday 30.Dec 00:47, 2017
I followed your link but I didnt see anything. It just took me to this chat. Do you still need help?

BartVelo [BartVelo] Sunday 24.Dec 11:58, 2017
@Meers222, it's not just me, I got an admin team who are all contributing :-)

There's an very active admin already who did this:

Meers222 [GearsMeers] Friday 22.Dec 03:28, 2017
Thank you for all the hard work BartVelo. Greatly appreciated.

BartVelo [BartVelo] Thursday 21.Dec 20:24, 2017
All the cyclists are added for the 2017 teams.

Now we start on assigning them to the teams, so we start creating teams for 2015, 2016 and 2017 and assigning the riders to it, see:

The step after that, which can't be done yet until also fixed, is creating the races and filling them with results.

Btw, If someone is willing to help and haven't offered it before, please send me a private message :-)

Gellein [Erikgellein] Monday 18.Dec 18:52, 2017
Sounds good!

BartVelo [BartVelo] Sunday 17.Dec 12:39, 2017
Giro Rosa, Monte Zoncolan
For the non-Dutchies: use google translate :-)

BartVelo [BartVelo] Friday 15.Dec 14:28, 2017
Update: for 32 out of 44 UCI women teams 2017 the women cyclists are processed :-)

BartVelo [BartVelo] Monday 11.Dec 20:31, 2017

BartVelo [BartVelo] Monday 11.Dec 18:01, 2017

BartVelo [BartVelo] Monday 11.Dec 17:31, 2017
2017 riders from:

BartVelo [BartVelo] Monday 11.Dec 16:50, 2017
Female cyclists added for Boels Dolmans, WM3 and GreenEdge

BartVelo [BartVelo] Monday 11.Dec 16:26, 2017
First one:

Tomas [Second Coming] Monday 11.Dec 11:17, 2017
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
Its opened up so female cyclists can be entered into the database. Need to fix that also for teams, so the database can be build while setting up the teams for 2018.

BartVelo [BartVelo] Monday 11.Dec 09:45, 2017
Update: there's no real update actually. The adjustments this website including database needs to set up the Women's game has not been done and don't have a clue when this is going to happen.

60956 [60956] Wednesday 25.Oct 11:53, 2017
Of course I will play

lordkhan [Quebra-Ossos] Sunday 22.Oct 13:08, 2017

You can count with me to the women cycling fantasy

Dortmund [Dortmund Cicling Tour] Tuesday 10.Oct 07:14, 2017
Hi, please count with me to the women cycling fantasy

Loco [Locoo ] Tuesday 10.Oct 02:13, 2017
keep it up, was starting to wonder when there'd be a women fc

petervdV [Peter] Sunday 8.Oct 19:10, 2017
I promised someone to make a reaction here.

Going to the comments I see some good reason to have a game. As I remember this website from a few years back when I was still playing and the comments on some of the people I know who play here this site has a game for about every road cycling race so women races should be the next step.

As for the objections or possible difficulties you can encounter I will elaborate a bit:

The fact that you don't know anything about women cycling is not a reason not to do the game. The pro women who can win big races are limited to 25 with another 75 to score top 10. If you all start at the beginning at the season you will be able to know where everyones strength is half way the season.

Also the balance of power so to say shifts more quickly meaning that past results not always say a lot about the current situation. Just like junior results of 3 years say little about U23 results present day.
Filling a database should not be a big priority also because next to results from the UCI website it will prove hard to find information on trustworthy profiles.

SpokenSpin makes a good observation on startlists of women races being hard to find. As for the smaller races this is true however for WWT races and Worlds this should not be a problem. Most times the twitter accounts of the UCI (@UCI_WWT & @UCIWomenCycling) will post startlists for the race on twitter via a PDF. Exceptions could be California and Chongming were the twitter team will not attend due to high costs.
Might be a good idea to go back in those time lines to see which WWT races didn't have a startlist on time.
Also be aware that as women races are a bit shorter they can start in the afternoon and the DS meeting can take place in the morning which means the startlist will also be published in the morning.

Concluding: My advice would be to indeed start with a separate competition and see how it goes with gathering information. Everyone has a chance to learn about women cycling and then in 2019 you can make a better competition based on the experience of 2018.

And yes I would play the game and if wanted I can give advise or limited services to help Bart get thing started here.

PS: Funny people object to women races in the ranking and do not with U23 & junior races which one of the reasons for me to quit (next to the big number of games).

Edwinfabre [The Fabre's] Sunday 8.Oct 06:02, 2017
Would definitely love to be a part of this.

JOSEDIN [SERVA LA BARI] Saturday 7.Oct 02:14, 2017
You can count on me for female cycling

Ricycle [ProVelo] Saturday 7.Oct 02:03, 2017
Thanks Bart. While at some point I would like to follow and know more about the Women's Pro Races, at this point in time, I need to pass. I do my best to follow the Men, which is plenty during much of the year.

SpokenSpin [spokeNspinners] Friday 6.Oct 23:49, 2017
I agree that It wouldn't be fair unless it was a separate comp. Too many people don't follow women's cycling enough. Also, as I mentioned earlier, it's been difficult to get startlists before the last minute for many races.

BartVelo [BartVelo] Friday 6.Oct 16:36, 2017
@Penguin, I think that would upset a lot of players. See other replies here. There are regulars playing for their season ranking who have no interest in playing the women races. We can't and won't force them to play women races. It's all about the fun here :-)
This is exactly the reason why I stated in the opening post to have a separate season manager competition.

ShaunTP [Penguin] Friday 6.Oct 16:31, 2017
I think you could integrate some of the bigger women's races into the main fantasy season, like you do with the under23's races.

sylvainm [sylvainm] Friday 6.Oct 15:42, 2017
I have no opinion on this to be honest, yes or no I do not care that much.

Letissier [Valdichiana] Friday 6.Oct 15:33, 2017
Yes. I'll be on the game! So I can place My team in best fifties in the season :-D

Ruvu [Ruvu] Friday 6.Oct 12:12, 2017
@BartVelo No

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Friday 6.Oct 01:10, 2017
That's why I asked. One year od results is already a lot of work, let alone more results

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Thursday 5.Oct 22:52, 2017
7th Winter Fantasy Overall
Before we can have game, we need somebody to do the results. Before I can say whether I like or dislike this I need that sorted of first. And then I mean proper results, and that takes a lot of time, but I can say we have never been so close to have women cycling at FC, but still a long way to go. And it would be useless to have manager next year without any results on the riders, then I would be clueless about who is good and not.

Meers222 [GearsMeers] Thursday 5.Oct 21:21, 2017
I certainly would like to see some women's races added to firstcycling and I'd love to take part in them. I will say though I am not sure I'd have time for another 30 contests. I missed some of the men's events this year just being busy with life, unfortunately. But I would certainly try my best.

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Thursday 5.Oct 18:34, 2017
no thanks

BartVelo [BartVelo] Thursday 5.Oct 18:27, 2017
@Ruvu, thanks for the information.
Will you play the game here?

In'ts the biggest challenge here for women FC to start/fill that database at all? --> yes, that's true, but fortunately there a few people willing to help set this game up :-)

@Juha, will you play this?

@mikeH, well I expect the bigger races to be on the women world tour calendar and I think we aim for 22 races to start with in the first season, that's the 20 from the world tour calendar plus worlds road race and worlds time trial.
Would that be good enough for you to play?

@Tomas and Andy: will you guys play it?

Loebas [Loebas] Thursday 5.Oct 17:54, 2017
good idea

Bst222 [Bst222] Thursday 5.Oct 17:36, 2017
I would be down to try it since it will increase my knowledge about cycling in general but I might not have time.

Hunterp94 [Piastow Cycling Team] Thursday 5.Oct 16:04, 2017
Great idea! Definitely interested in playing.

SpokenSpin [spokeNspinners] Thursday 5.Oct 01:26, 2017
Good idea, and I would probably play the women's WT races, but historically, women's startlists have been difficult to get until the last minute. That has made it hard to manage.

MikeH [Parijs is nog ver] Thursday 5.Oct 00:59, 2017
Not sure if I will join but I am sure I only will if its just the bigger races.

Tomas [Second Coming] Wednesday 4.Oct 23:53, 2017
16th Winter Fantasy Overall
@Aragonite; I would like to welcome you into the FC-family if you want :) Will send you a PM tomorrow.

endereskes [Les cyclistes rapides] Wednesday 4.Oct 23:05, 2017
Great idea!! I will absolutely join!!

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Wednesday 4.Oct 20:13, 2017
It's a good idea!! I would like to participate for sure!!

Pedro R. [Pedro R. Cycling Team] Wednesday 4.Oct 17:24, 2017
Interesting idea, but i doubt i'de participate. My knowledge in womens cycling is really scarce and i also have no possibility to spend some time looking to different races and teams

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Wednesday 4.Oct 14:50, 2017
If you are stuck for numbers yes. Otherwise no.
The offer of doing some chores from me , goes for the mens game too.

BartVelo [BartVelo] Wednesday 4.Oct 14:45, 2017
Great Aragonite. We will make sure that everything will be explained how to do.
Will you considder playing it aswell?

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Wednesday 4.Oct 14:31, 2017
I have time, but absolutely zero computing skills. If there are any chores for a computer illiterate, I am your man.

Akira67 [Team-G] Wednesday 4.Oct 12:00, 2017
9th Winter Fantasy Overall
yeah i like the idea ... but at the moment i can only play as a manager and not helping in managing that
Perhaps introducing the women races manager can increase a bit the site visitors and also the men races manager

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Wednesday 4.Oct 11:25, 2017
Consider yourself hired triple-J :D

johnjackjoe [JohnJackJoe Racing] Wednesday 4.Oct 11:22, 2017
I'd always like to help with results. Spend some spare afternoons sifting through results to add a full results catalogue.

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Wednesday 4.Oct 10:31, 2017
(sorry if I forgot your name in the admin HOF - but if you're an admin you know I'm a dick already ;) )

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Wednesday 4.Oct 10:30, 2017
I agree with the sentiment that women's cycling would be the next natural expansion for FC, both in terms of statistics and possibly managers after they've succesfully added most important CX- and track-events within the last few years.

The biggest issue is having admins to not log only stage info, startlists and results for the races but also compile the history. The current core of admins is strained as it is with especially Pedro, Andy. KristianK, Troy, Nathan and PartyFinn putting in amazing amounts of time not only logging all info from races from junior races to senior, but also logging historic results for ever more obscure races.

If a couple of new admins step forward to try to do this expansion I think we'll all be happy to try, but there's a hell of a lot of work and not sure what the potential is for new visitors and new managers due to thie expansion - cost of time/benefit plays in too.

sker [Team Paracarri] Wednesday 4.Oct 04:21, 2017
I was actually wondering why there is not at least some form of women cycling manger. It's a different sport from men racing and it's probably a little less entertaining than man elite races, but I think the same can be said for U23, Junior and CX man races.
I'm no expert of women races, but so I wasn't for any of the others categories before playing manger so why not?

30 races though seems a little too much to me. I would start by adding results coverage and stick to really major events, so that anybody can find enough info

Koronin [Koronin] Wednesday 4.Oct 02:24, 2017
Francisco, no worries, I understand. We were in Richmond for the Worlds. We went to the U-23 race Friday when got got into Richmond. Went sightseeing on Saturday instead of going to the women's race. (Went to Charlottesville to visit Tomas Jefferson's home, Monticello.) Of course went to the men's race on Sunday. Like you I do watch other women's sports. (Although I do wish I would have gone out for our swim team when I was high school. I do think if I was taught how to do that turn I could have made the team for the back stroke and maybe just maybe would have been good enough to get a college scholarship. No way I ever would have been good enough to qualify for the US Olympic Trials let alone go to an Olympics. LOL)

goon1221 [BMC] Tuesday 3.Oct 21:14, 2017
14th Winter Fantasy Overall
I am in .... I wouldn't mind learn a little something about womans racing :)))

ArjanZoer [IJsselmuiden] Tuesday 3.Oct 20:23, 2017
I'd like to see this work. Would love to follow the women cycling more closely.

Ole A.Fikerud [The Rockets] Tuesday 3.Oct 20:16, 2017
I don't know much about women cycling either, but I will participate. I think it's important for this site to run competitions for both genders, so it's a good idea.

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Tuesday 3.Oct 20:16, 2017
To be honest, not very interested. I mean, I know nothing about women cycling.
Using the last world's in Bergen as an example, the women races were the only I didn't follow.
Nothing to do with sexism, I watch women athletics, swims, tennis or gymnastic!

johnjackjoe [JohnJackJoe Racing] Tuesday 3.Oct 16:33, 2017
I'm not really well versed in womens cycling. I watch some races here and there, but I don't think I have the time to get into it. Even now at the end of the season I'm missing out on quite a few men's races beecause I just don't have the time. I don't think I would be a very active user. It wouldn't bother me in the slightest to have womens results on the page.

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Tuesday 3.Oct 15:57, 2017
I'd be interested in most increases to the calendar, but not this one. It was tried for a couple of years on Roadcc, and to be honest I would of been better off using a pin for selection. Problem seemed to be that the women had actual teams, where any one of many would be allowed to go for a win. As opposed to the men where you would probably have one, maybe two team leaders and the rest riding as DS. Not good for managers.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Tuesday 3.Oct 15:51, 2017
@ Bart I know of and played several games in women's cycling, but there aren't as much as for men, no.

In'ts the biggest challenge here for women FC to start/fill that database at all?

ritlefant [Ritlefant] Tuesday 3.Oct 12:29, 2017
Played Velogames occasionally, with limited success. As they started the Giro Rosa same time as the TdF, I went for it scoring
Overall Rank: 262 of 938 (top 28%)
hardly knowing anything. Went for those I knew, dutch and italian and added up with Hitec and some youngsters. Hitec scored nothing...

In the TdF coompetition
Overall Rank: 24278 of 54711 (top 45%)
which is nothing special at all and at a much lower level.

Spent the normal 2 minuntes to select in both games, which is more or less same time being used on FC. Knowing that I on average score on the lower 30% in FC, while in Velogames, scored way better amongst the women compared to the men, I would highly recommend FC women.

I use my time as admin on the winter site, so there will be no help from me there, apart from occasionally close managers when on my night shifts.

Ruvu [Ruvu] Tuesday 3.Oct 12:16, 2017
Try Bart.... we play a few overthere ;-)

Each year cutting down the number of races we play is a subject, so I dont know if its wise to add another 30.(!)
Even if it has its own ranking, I think thats way to much in order to get enough people interested

BartVelo [BartVelo] Tuesday 3.Oct 10:42, 2017
@Koronin, I think that goes for almost everybody here. Our knowledge of women cycling is very limited right now. So that means that we start exploring those cyclists once this game is a "GO".

I know that there are a lot of cycling fantasy games out there, but I haven't seen one before that involved the women, so I think this would be the first one if the criteria are being met to have a "GO".

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Partykjepps] Tuesday 3.Oct 09:50, 2017
Appreciate the question, but on my part it would be like the track and CX-competitions here which I don’t participate in because I don’t time to get into it properly

zKobalt [FruitnOats] Tuesday 3.Oct 05:03, 2017
Would be keen to participate.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Tuesday 3.Oct 02:43, 2017
I'll give it a go, despite my women cycling knowledge is a bit limited.

Koronin [Koronin] Tuesday 3.Oct 02:14, 2017
Nice idea, but doubt I'd participate. I don't even know names of the of the riders let alone anything about them or what type of riders they are.

Jspear [Jspear] Tuesday 3.Oct 01:14, 2017
While I love the idea I know I won’t have enough time to do it. I wouldn’t participate. Hopefully more than 15 people can...

Erimy [Klimgeiten] Monday 2.Oct 22:46, 2017
okay for me

BartVelo [BartVelo] Monday 2.Oct 22:37, 2017
Hi there,

We are exploring possibilities of having a Women Cycling Manager Season game here. It will be a separate competition to the current one. The aim is to do about 30 races in the starting season (2018) with the 20 World Tour races and 10 other picked races. But? it?s only interesting to do is if users are willing/wanting to play this game. So we ask you to reply below whether or not you are willing/wanting to play this game next season. We are thinking about a minimum number of 15 players to start it.

Besides the numbers of players we also need to have enough admins willing to set the races up and process the results. Without that it can?t start. So if you are willing to contribute for this part, please let us know.

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