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Tomas [Second Coming] Friday 17.Nov 08:50, 2017
Me and Andyman can do it during todays national cross-country events.

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Thursday 16.Nov 20:44, 2017
remi can contact bendit i think

Logreid [JohnGadretPartykjepp] Thursday 16.Nov 20:36, 2017
Just a reminder here for existing teams that renewals of contracts ending in 2017 plus up to four extensions/increases for contracts ending later has to be posted within two weeks now.

I know most managers are just biding their time, but slightly worried about Steinvik and Bendit/stig. Tomas/Andy will prod Steinvik, anyone have a way of getting in touch with the latter?

boris03 [Cycling lions] Thursday 2.Nov 21:50, 2017
Kump realased

Logreid [JohnGadretPartykjepp] Thursday 2.Nov 20:00, 2017
Hi Remi. You posted 12 for Canola and 48 for Ulissi earlier, changing to these newest posted wages now :)

Logreid [JohnGadretPartykjepp] Thursday 2.Nov 19:46, 2017
Thought I did, but obviously didn't press the buttons. Thanks, EPO. Will go over team-by-team again after deadline Nov 30th due to these slight issues.

Remi [LSK Cycling] Thursday 2.Nov 16:00, 2017
New wages:
Carboni 5 (2019)
Consonni 6 (2019)
Kamna 10 (2019)
Malucelli 4 (2019)
Schlegel 5 (2019)
Ulissi 50 (2019)

Canola 8 (2019)
Ellisonde 8 (2019)

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Thursday 2.Nov 15:27, 2017
logreid u forgot to edit kwiato's wage?

Logreid [JohnGadretPartykjepp] Wednesday 1.Nov 23:14, 2017
Hi EPO. We had some issues which meant I had to update all transfers, extensions and drafts done in the second window in addition to all renewals/releases/extensions done this fall. Sorry for Bennett, sorting now.

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Wednesday 1.Nov 22:21, 2017
but for albasini it's correct, he has his autumn wage. its correct for the others too, it was just george bennett for some reason

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Wednesday 1.Nov 22:18, 2017
The wages are bugged. George Bennett has $7 now, the same as he had during the spring. But he had $18 in the second part of the season and should have the same now. Tomasz?

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Wednesday 1.Nov 22:12, 2017
I thought I spotted a mistake on my team, but it seems that Jeannesson has retired at the age of 31. Which means I'm down to 19 riders unless I renew with another rider to fill his spot.

Logreid [JohnGadretPartykjepp] Wednesday 1.Nov 19:58, 2017
I'm availble for offers on Dec 1st :)

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Wednesday 1.Nov 19:46, 2017
Even a HQ visit?

Logreid [JohnGadretPartykjepp] Wednesday 1.Nov 19:40, 2017
No worries - plenty of time set off on Nov 30th and Dec 1st :)

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Wednesday 1.Nov 18:37, 2017
Logreid, seems to me that Andy is absolutely right...:)

Kristian-K [Green Bullet Cycling] Wednesday 1.Nov 16:48, 2017
Taaramae, Trofimov and Villela leaves GBC after this season. Elmiger and Van den Broeck both retires. Contract renewals and wage increases to follow.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Wednesday 1.Nov 15:32, 2017
Hope you have good time at November 30 at 23:59

Logreid [JohnGadretPartykjepp] Wednesday 1.Nov 15:22, 2017
Ok, I think all announced releases, extensions and wage rises has been updated on the team-pages for 2018. Let me know if you spot an error.

There's a lot of teams which have yet to announce anything which have many riders on 2017-contracts, and there are lots of teams who have only announced releases yet - looking forward to all things clearing up in November :)

Logreid [JohnGadretPartykjepp] Wednesday 1.Nov 13:38, 2017
I'm doing adjustments on 2018-pages now.

Ole - new wages for the riders you posted extensions for:
Kwiato: 48
Nacer Swerve Bouhanni: 53
Geraint Thomas: 49
Wouterino Poels: 32
Louis Meintjes: 28
Sørge-Knagg Andersen: 19

PartyFinn: You've posted that Zakarin's new wage for 2018-extension is 42. Per the rule of 15% increase on current wage this needs to be at least 44 to be valid - please revise

Remi [LSK Cycling] Wednesday 25.Oct 07:28, 2017
New contracts for two riders!
Marco Canola 12 (2019)
Diego Ulissi 48 (2019)

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Monday 23.Oct 12:50, 2017
Team K92-União Ciclista
Press Release 3

The contract negotiations are closed at K92 HQ.
We have two more departures to announce:

Mr Jay McCarthy - due to team's new strategy and his high wage, we couldn't reach an agreement and the rider is free to look for another project. He wasn't far from what expected with good perormence at Down Under, decent results at Ardennes and a few other results, such as Basque Country. The Team wish him the best for his futur.

Mr Sebastian Reichenbach - it was a surprise his reaction to our DS proposal. We thought he would accept the offer but the swiss rider claimed for a higher salary and a captain role in our Team. We argued that wouldn't be possible unless he stoped working for Pinot, something he couldn't promise. As a result, his place in Team K92 is no longer possibl., In present circunstances, of course.

These 10 contract endings plus the "money" saved from last draft, will provide a total of 135 in K92 budget.
The 10 names are:
Andrew Talansky, Mike Teunissen, Raymond Kreder, Barry Markus, Sean de Bie, Tom Van Asbroeck, Bart De Clercq, Gijs Van Hoecke, Sebastian Reichenbach and Jay McCarthy.

The contracts extensions and the increased wages will be announced at the right moment.
They are all set and clear, now it's time for a very urgent and appropriated rest at K92 HQ.

Logreid [JohnGadretPartykjepp] Wednesday 18.Oct 17:26, 2017
It's fair that choices for wage/length is free to adjust up until window closes at midnight November 30th. As long as final choice is posted here.

Nathan [CT Glory] Wednesday 18.Oct 17:00, 2017
Ah man, there goes my first steal of the draft..

neko [nibalies] Wednesday 18.Oct 16:57, 2017
Teuns - 16 (2019)

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Wednesday 18.Oct 15:36, 2017
Thanks Logreid/Partykjepp(never know which you prefer to be called) and Boris. It will be very useful.

Logreid [JohnGadretPartykjepp] Wednesday 18.Oct 15:31, 2017
I'll compile a list when all are done, Aragonite.

After Guangxhi we'll also unlock some features on the season fantasy-team pages, so the managers can actually "release" these riders. After that they'll be listed as unattached on the rider page which you can use as a base for pre-drafts but also calculations points/wage on riders under contract too:

I'll post a spreadsheet once all riders have been released/renewed (which really is that page copied into a spreadsheet as unicode more or less)

boris03 [Cycling lions] Wednesday 18.Oct 15:30, 2017
I think this is the easiest way to see what riders are free but it's not updated for 2018

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Wednesday 18.Oct 15:23, 2017
Just seen this thread. Presumably all the riders you guys are ditching is on this thread then?

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Wednesday 18.Oct 13:07, 2017
Team K92-União Ciclista
Press Release 2

Four more contract endings:

Mr Sean De Bie - not the performence we all expected here. Great hopes in this young talented belgian but not possible to reach an agreement concerning his contract.

Mr Bart De Clercq - one half season experience, aiming one Vuelta stage win, mainly. Not achieved, time to search new bets.

Mr Tom Van Asbroeck - a rider that cannot reach his past performences. Was given him a chance to keep with us with a minor salary wich wasn't accepted. No futur in this team. By now!

Mr Gijs Van Hoecke - alongside with Mr Teunissen, a vey dificult decision to make. This team will always be a friendly home for him and we will not close the door to him in the future!

These 4 departures mean a gain of 41.
At this moment, the departures of De Bie, De Clercq, Van Asbroeck, Van Hoecke, Kreder, Markus, Teunissen and Talansky represent a total gain of 95 in K92 team's budget.
Still some negotiations occuring. Probably two more departures to happen inside Team K92.

Logreid [JohnGadretPartykjepp] Tuesday 17.Oct 23:20, 2017

The fact that a rider named Arvid won a race with a manager is definite proof that the season is drawing to a close. 2017 has been a major disappointment for Il Piccolo Partykjepps as the team is not topping the points ranking, only won the official awards for sexiest bunch of dudes (barring Sylvain Chavanel's tattoo - more on that later) and riders with the most panache (I'm especially looking at you Calmejane, Hardy, Latour, Pauwels, Trentin and Visconti).

I've tried selling Anthony Turgis off as a rentboi after his recent #CelebratingTooEarlyGate to earn extra Gadrets for my budget, but sadly offers were not forthcoming. Instead I've taken the easiest decision as far as contracts ending in 2017 goes. The follow riders are hereby fired:

Manuele Boaro - demoted from riding for his own chances a couple of times a year to Machado-style total domestique, good riddance
Simon Clarke - decent season as mountain domestique, shit season pointswise
Kristijan Durasek - biggest accomplishment in 2017: continually being mistaken for Diego Ulissi
Taylor Phinney - a Partykjepp at heart with his comedy mustasche and glasses plus using any chance to talk about nudity. Rides with panache in his heart, but not been able to build on those few glimmers of hope after his comeback in 2016. Best wishes for the future
Alexey Tsatevich - I wasn't alone in thinking 2017 should be a good season for him, got numerous trade requests in January. Like the rest of Gazprom he's had a horrible season, it's almost as if you can suspect something is missing from their preparations this year....

Definite renewals:
Rui Costa
Serge Pauwels

Jonathan Castroviejo - how will life be as a Skybot?
Sylvain Chavanel - will he really generate that much points given he'll only ride half the season? He can increase his chances by removing THAT tattoo
Floris Gerts - I like Floris, he's a joker and always manages to wring more than 200 points together from minor races. Just awaiting word on what team he'll ride for in 2018 - my guess is BMC
Matteo Montaguti - I think this is it for Matteo and I, but I'll sleep on it a few more nights to be sure

Nathan [CT Glory] Sunday 15.Oct 20:16, 2017

Ole A.Fikerud [The Rockets] Sunday 15.Oct 15:51, 2017
Louis Meintjes - one year extension
Søren K Andersen- two year extension

Ole A.Fikerud [The Rockets] Sunday 15.Oct 15:45, 2017
Nacer Bouhanni - one year extension
Geraint Thomas- one year extension
Mikal Kwiatkowski- two year extension
Wout Poels- two year extension

I'm not good at calculating, but all riders will recieve minimum raise in wages according to the rules. Give me a few weeks to calculate.

Ole A.Fikerud [The Rockets] Sunday 15.Oct 15:41, 2017
Pello Bilbao
Daryl Impey
Kiel Reijnen
Eduardo Sepulveda
Andra Fedi

All to be released

neko [nibalies] Sunday 15.Oct 03:01, 2017
They will stay:
Fuglsang - 14 (2018)
Teuns - 8 (2018)
Izaguire - 20 (2018)

Assassin [TheTrueAssassins] Friday 13.Oct 20:12, 2017
And some trades done, so will announce them soon

Assassin [TheTrueAssassins] Friday 13.Oct 20:11, 2017
For current riders on 2018 to move onto 2019 for me:

Jan Polanc $14
Raul Alarcon $10
Kevin Rivera $8
Mark Padun $8

I am also open to trading, so if anyone wants any riders of mine, let me know :)

Logreid [JohnGadretPartykjepp] Friday 13.Oct 09:49, 2017
Yes, please. And hello Dilvan Sillier and Quadriceps-Lutsenko :D #ComeToIlPiccoloPartykjepps

Nathan [CT Glory] Friday 13.Oct 09:47, 2017

Tomas [Second Coming] Friday 13.Oct 09:45, 2017
Shall I just open up 2018 part I - so managers can kick out riders the dont wanna renew?

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Friday 13.Oct 09:38, 2017
Egan Bernal 18 (2019)
Jack Haig 13 (2019)
Guillaume Martin 10 (2019)
Mihkel Räim 5 (2018)
Gianni Moscon 38 (2019)
Kevin Ledanois 5 (2018)
Mads Pedersen 12 (2019)
Aliaksandr Riabushenko 6 (2019)
Ilnur Zakarin 42 (2018)

arrivederci :
Jan Bakelants
Dries Devenyns
Silvan Dillier
with heavy hearts, Alexey Lutsenko
Nelson Oliveira
Jelle Wallays
Adam Yates

boris03 [Cycling lions] Friday 13.Oct 08:54, 2017
Stephen Cummings 6 (2018)

boris03 [Cycling lions] Friday 13.Oct 08:51, 2017
Michael Woods 15 (2019)
Amaro Antunes 4 (2019)
Travis McCabe 3 (2018)
Jempy Drucker 12 (2018)
Kenny Dehaes 7 (2018)
David de la Cruz 9 (2019)
Thomas De Gendt 6 (2018)
Maciej Bodnar 6 (2018)

boris03 [Cycling lions] Thursday 12.Oct 22:33, 2017
Samuel Dumoulin-thanks for everything man it's time to say goodbye...
Elia Viviani 23 (2019)

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Thursday 12.Oct 16:34, 2017
samu "growth hormone" sanchez - hasta la vista
gasparotto - very disappointing season
sbaragli - not worth 20 in wages, good luck in israel
könig - go DNF somewhere else
vanspeybrouck - couldnt follow up on his magnificent 2016 season
navarro - weak season, will probably have to go
capiot - go be injured somewhere else
machado - domestique everywhere, always
bille - worthless
de tier - go be a domestique somewhere else
scarponi - RIP

this would mean renewed contracts for 0 pts nordhaug and old man pellizotti assuming he doesnt retire, and for everyone else. down to 20 riders

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Thursday 12.Oct 12:16, 2017
Team K92-União Ciclista
Press Release 1

The first results of intense hard work at K92 HQ as been produced.
There are, already, four riders leaving this team:

Mr Andrew Talansky - DS Francisco was very interested in renewing Andrew's contract, despite his poor performence this season, but with his decision of retirement the plan was aborted. It was a sad day at K's HQ and we already expressed to his agent we will continue to support him in his triathlon adventure, if he want it.

Mr Raymond Kreder - a rider that couldn't get the results, his wage asked for. Nothing to point about his character and his professionalism, the Team wish him the best of luck to his life.

Mr Barry Markus - after so many poor performences, this Team as challenged him to win at Poyang Lake and prove us he was motivated to keep riding here. The result was another poor performence and so no chances to keep wearing this beautifull portuguese jersey.

Mr Mike Teunissen - a very dificult decision this one. A young, hard working rider, someone always ready to defend the team's interests and also very talented and with a bright future in cycling we all hope, inside Team K92. Our DS tried to get an agreement with Mike's agent by renewing contract but reducing the wage. That wasn't possible so the rider is free to get a better contract outside K92.
This is a rider that will always have this doors open in the futur!

These four departures means a total of 54 wage released.

Last mention to renewals:
At this moment there isn't any contract renewal to announce. There are several riders agents negotiating with our DS about renewals and/or wage increasings but none closed, yet.
About this issue we just want to make it public the proposal our DS made to Reichenbach's Agent. After his horrible "crash" in Italy, our DS has made him a proposal regarding a contract renewal plus an increasing wage, no matter how long will take to Sebastian to recover.
We are waiting for his answer, with no time pressure.
We just wanted to show him how deep we trust him and how important he is for us!

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Wednesday 11.Oct 22:16, 2017
i suggested 6 if the newbs were to get special steal privileges in the draft. but now trym is leaving too, so prob no reason to change it from 4

Assassin [TheTrueAssassins] Wednesday 11.Oct 22:09, 2017
*and he said

Assassin [TheTrueAssassins] Wednesday 11.Oct 22:09, 2017
I know but i asked Partykjepp the other day and said how many we extend with depends on how many new players

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Wednesday 11.Oct 21:59, 2017
for riders on 2017 contracts: you can extend with all of them
for riders on 2018 contracts: you can adjust wages (and extend contracts) of no more than 4 of them

Assassin [TheTrueAssassins] Wednesday 11.Oct 21:51, 2017
For the riders on 2017 contracts for me:

Intxausti (2018) $9

Atapuma, Mezgec and Hansen released

Riders to go onto 2019 to be confirmed when Partykjepp confirms the number that can be renewed with.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Wednesday 11.Oct 21:44, 2017
New contracts still to be signed in HQ in Mondorf, but I can confirm following riders out after bad season for all of them.

Gustavo Cesar Veloso
Jose Goncalves
Andriey Kulyk
Marco Zanotti

In addition Haimar Zubeldia has retired and will be honorary member of the team.

Logreid [JohnGadretPartykjepp] Wednesday 11.Oct 12:41, 2017
What does Big Tom have to do in 2018 to earn a new extension? :)

boris03 [Cycling lions] Wednesday 11.Oct 12:17, 2017
Tom Dumoulin 138 (2018)
Bauke Mollema 38 (2019)
Janez Brajkovic
Lars Boom
Expect some new informations soon :)

Kristian-K [Green Bullet Cycling] Wednesday 27.Sep 14:48, 2017
A thread to put your contract renewals.

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