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Alpine Biathlon C.Country N.Combined S.Jumping Skicross Men Women

Name Born WC-Victories Olympics medals World Champs medals World Champs-Jr medals Maratonpts
Grunberg, Kaarel 1990-02-04
Koni, Ranek 1993-10-10
Laine, Tormis 2000-08-06
Luik, Juhan 1997-11-25
Luik, Tonis 1995-01-17
Meema, Martin 1990-07-04
O'Brien, Connor 1961-02-04
Oprja, Deyvid 1982-02-17
Oprja, Risto 1984-04-11
Siim, Karl 1985-01-22
Smith, Warren Cummings 1992-06-21
Toom, Mihkel 1983-01-01
Treufeldt, Oliver 1984-01-01
Virro, Sten-Mark 1997-05-31