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Hall of Fame

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Youngest World Cup winner

Who Host Discipline Date Age
Piero Gros Val d'Isère Giant Slalom 08.12.1972 18y 1m 9d
Piero Gros Madonna di Campiglio Slalom 17.12.1972 18y 1m 18d
Leonardo David Oslo Slalom 07.02.1979 18y 4m 10d
Ingemar Stenmark Madonna di Campiglio Slalom 17.12.1974 18y 9m
Gustavo Thoeni Val d'Isère Giant Slalom 11.12.1969 18y 9m 11d
Ingemar Stenmark Wengen Slalom 12.01.1975 18y 9m 25d
Gustavo Thoeni Hindelang Slalom 04.01.1970 18y 10m 4d
Christian Orlainsky Ebnat-Kappel Giant Slalom 04.01.1981 18y 10m 15d
Gustavo Thoeni Madonna di Campiglio Giant Slalom 29.01.1970 18y 11m 1d
Gustavo Thoeni Madonna di Campiglio Giant Slalom 30.01.1970 18y 11m 2d
Ingemar Stenmark Naeba Giant Slalom 23.02.1975 18y 11m 5d
Ingemar Stenmark Garibaldi Giant Slalom 02.03.1975 18y 11m 15d
Pirmin Zurbriggen Wengen Combined 24.01.1982 18y 11m 20d
Ingemar Stenmark Sun Valley Giant Slalom 13.03.1975 18y 11m 26d
Hans Hinterseer Anchorage Giant Slalom 08.03.1973 19y 1m 6d
Piero Gros Vipiteno Slalom 17.12.1973 19y 1m 18d
Pirmin Zurbriggen San Sicario Giant Slalom 24.03.1982 19y 1m 20d
Piero Gros Berchtesgaden Giant Slalom 07.01.1974 19y 2m 8d
Joel Gaspoz Aprica Giant Slalom 08.12.1981 19y 2m 13d
Piero Gros Morzine Giant Slalom 13.01.1974 19y 2m 14d

Oldest World Cup winner

Who Host Discipline Date Age
Didier Cuche Crans-Montana Super G 24.02.2012 37y 6m 8d
Didier Cuche Garmisch Downhill 28.01.2012 37y 5m 12d
Didier Cuche Kitzbühel Downhill 21.01.2012 37y 5m 5d
Didier Cuche Lake Louise Downhill 26.11.2011 37y 3m 10d
Hannes Reichelt Aspen Super G 16.03.2017 36y 8m 11d
Didier Cuche Kvitfjell Super G 13.03.2011 36y 6m 28d
Hannes Reichelt Garmisch Downhill 28.01.2017 36y 6m 23d
Didier Cuche Chamonix Downhill 29.01.2011 36y 5m 13d
Didier Cuche Kitzbühel Downhill 22.01.2011 36y 5m 6d
Didier Defago Kitzbühel Super G 26.01.2014 36y 3m 24d
Marco Buechel Kitzbühel Super G 18.01.2008 36y 2m 14d
Hermann Maier Lake Louise Super G 30.11.2008 35y 11m 23d
Michael Walchhofer Kvitfjell Downhill 12.03.2011 35y 10m 14d
Michael Walchhofer Bormio Downhill 29.12.2010 35y 8m 1d
Michael Walchhofer Val Gardena Super G 17.12.2010 35y 7m 19d
Michael Walchhofer Lake Louise Downhill 27.11.2010 35y 6m 29d
Didier Cuche Kvitfjell Downhill 06.03.2010 35y 6m 21d
Didier Cuche Kitzbühel Downhill 23.01.2010 35y 5m 7d
Didier Cuche Kitzbühel Super G 22.01.2010 35y 5m 6d
Didier Cuche Lake Louise Downhill 28.11.2009 35y 3m 12d